brand story

We noticed that many companies operate in a silo... 

It never made sense to us why this department didn’t talk to that department, so we created a company that seamlessly integrated all creative.

In building Raedio, our goal was to create an audio ecosystem and pipeline that flowed from creatives to projects.

We built a label to sign artists and curate the Insecure Soundtrack. We acquired a music supervision company to place those artists in projects we supervised from Godfather of Harlem, And Just Like That (Sex & The City Reboot), Power Book III: Raising Kanan to Love & Hip Hop.

We created writing camps that invited emerging artists, producers and songwriters to collaborate and have their music placed in campaigns from Google to Nike. Then followed that up by curating the official playlist for the Biden + Harris Inauguration.

When we weren’t doing music, we dove into podcasts and produced HBO’s first ever scripted podcast, Looking For LaToya

Next we will program the beeps & sounds in medical equipment, cars and other industrial objects. 

Our mission is simple…